Consulting • Mentoring • Song Critique with a Music Business Professional

Consult with Frank Green... a music industry professional that has worked in practically ALL aspects of the music business.

Frank is a seasoned music industry pro with over 40 years experience who has worked at a record label, owned/partnered at a world class recording studio, owns an Indie record label, owns 2 publishing companies, Gold and Platinum award winning engineer, written and recorded #1 records, voting member of Naras (Grammy's), Company and Individual member of CMA, and much more.

Do You Need a Consult?   Do you have questions about writing and recording your own songs and the music business in general? Questions such as... What is publishing? Do I need a publisher?  Do I need to copyright my songs? (How do I do that?) How do I demo my songs? Should I record my own songs or have them done by a professional? Do I need a demo singer (What is that?) or can I sing them myself? How do I release a EP... an album? Do I need an Indie or Major label deal? Can I do it myself? What is artist development and is it something I need? What's the difference between promotion and publicity? How do I 'break into' the music business? As a writer, how do I get my songs recorded? How do I become a recording engineer... a producer (and what do they do), a studio musician? Where do I begin... what's my next move? Frank has the answer to these questions and many more that you may have. 

Do You Need A Song Critique?  If you want an honest critique of your song... the strengths... and weaknesses... Frank will be straight forward and honest when reviewing your song. You typically get one chance to make a good first impression. A classic mistake I see often in writing a commercial song is trying to write a book... that rambles on for 8 minutes or longer. If you choose a consult as well as a critique I will go over how to make your song the perfect length and say all you need to say.This is a WRITTEN EVALUATION that will address the Title, Hook, Verse/Chorus Structure, to bridge or not to bridge Lyric, Melody, and Marketability.

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For song critique email an mp3 of your song with a lyric sheet to and we will email you a written critique.


“Working with Frank Green has been much more than just a “working” experience. His guidance has been a personal mentorship to me in which I have learned so much about recording, artist development, and the music business in general. Frank has given me a new perspective on my voice and my “work” in general and I feel that I have gained a great friendship in this life as well!!” 

Crisie I.

It took me 20 years to find Frank Green, and I am thankful I finally did! Frank Green knows more about the inner workings of today's music scene than anyone I know. He is a superb engineer, fantastic producer, talented musician, and his advice and counsel can save any aspiring artist many precious years, money and labor in the quest to bring their music to the world! 

Tedd G.

Frank, where can I even begin to thank you!? I feel so blessed to know you and your family and to have worked with you on this project. You are by far one of the nicest and most talented individuals that I have had the privilege of meeting. Thank you so much for producing and co-writing my CD, and giving me your expert advice while in the studio. I am so excited with how it turned out and can’t wait to work with you again in the future. Thanks again for all your hard work… God Bless!  

Ashton J.

One of the best producer/engineers I’ve ever worked with. I felt right at home with every project we have done. In my years of experience I have met few people that understand all aspects of the music business. Frank is the Best! 

Mike C.

I can tell you that everything Frank Green does he does with wisdom, knowledge and experience. He knows all the ropes ... a very talented man!! 

Dianne S.

Frank… You Rock!! You are so amazing and talented and so very knowledgable about the music business! I can’t imagine ever doing another project without you! I never dreamt that anyone could make me sound so good! Thanks for all of your hard work! I appreciate you so much.  

Nicki R.