1. X-Ray Glasses

From the recording "The Lost Nashville Sessions"

X-Ray Glasses (4:33)
Producers: Frank Green, Wayne Jackson

Writers: Wayne Jackson, Frank Green, Bucky Lindsey, Fred James
Publishers: Sweet Medicine Music, Frank Thomas Green Music, Hoy Lindsey Music, Fred James Music/BMG Bumblebee

Lead Vocals: Bucky Lindsey, Wayne Jackson, Fred James
Backing Vocals: Fred James, Bucky Lindsey, Wayne Jackson
Guitar: Fred James
Bass: Frank Green
Drum Programming: Danny Baggot
Keyboards: Jay Vern
Synth and Programing: Frank Green
Horns: Wayne Jackson – Trumpet, Doug Moffet – Sax, Mark Douthit – Sax, Barry Green – Trombone
Horn Arrangements: Wayne Jackson
Run Girls: Pamela Green
Recorded at The Grand Studio - Nashville

Wayne Jackson and the Memphis Horns Band
"The Lost Nashville Sessions"
Produced by: Frank Green and Wayne Jackson
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