Frank Thomas Green • John Stoecker

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AutoLocator is: Frank Thomas Green (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass,
percussion, keyboard, chamberlin, programming) John Stoecker III (vocals, piano, synthesizers, keyboards, chamberlin,

Original early 1980’s original recordings Produced and Engineered by Frank Thomas Green and John Stoecker III at PollyFox Studios Nashville, TN Remix/Master 2020 Masters produced by Frank Thomas Green at DigitalMaster Studio Nashville, TN SkyTone Entertainment, LLC

This album is dedicated to the memory John Stoecker III who left this world much too soon. It was John’s and my plan to finally finish this project and release it when his life was cut short. I have spent the last few years completing what we started those many years ago.

Album Liner Notes. AutoLocator represents 2 things. The first electronic remote control unit, aptly named the Autolocator, built by MCI (an electronics company in the 1970’s 80’s) to connect their JH-400 series analog tape machines to their JH-400 recording consoles. The second describes two young talented recording engineers/musicians/writers/producers… Frank Thomas Green and John Stoecker III… that utilized the aforementioned recording equipment to write, perform, record, and produce a project entitled… AutoLocator. Frank was the chief engineer at a small independent 24 track analog studio on Music Row in Nashville Tennessee in the early 1980’s. Pollyfox studios was a small independent studio owned by Glenn Fox. The studio rapidly became very busy… operating almost 24/7… and the studio needed more engineers. John was fresh out of MTSU’s RIM program and was hired. During a shift change moment that the two were at the studio at the same… Frank heard John tinkering on the studio grand piano and was amazed at what he heard. Frank was responsible for recording and producing all the demos that the studio did since he could play guitar/bass and operate the console and tape machines at the same time thanks to a newly developed device called the “Autolocator”. Frank was recording a very popular and very cool “blu reggae” band called, “Afrikan Dreamland” led by Aashid Himons. Due to work overloads and scheduling Frank enlisted John to come on board to do some engineering with “Afrikan Dreamland” as well. In addition… both Frank and John were listening to the Regae Rock band “The Police”. Armed with this musical influence, their combined talents and a recording studio… AutoLocator... the project was born.

Extra special thanks to: my amazing wife Pamela and to John’s wonderful wife (widow) Cathy Crowder Stoecker.

Guitar solo on Daily Life - Gary Talley, Guitar solo on Givin It Up - Gary Serkin, Drums - Alex Austin, Rick Williams Horns on Sara Lee - Maceo Parker (The Famous Flames)

Special thanks to: Pamela Green, Cathy Crowder Stoecker, Alex Austin, Rick Williams, Gene Prather, Tom Ives, Glenn Fox, Zack Silver, Katy Schroeder, Tom Wild, Danny Baggot, Kenny Malone, Gary Talley, Gary Serkin, Neal Merrick Blackwell, Diamond Jack Conners, Cole (Scott) Young, Dona Cooper, Afrikan Dreamland, Danny Tate, and the many friends that hung out partied with us during those times.

And my inspirational family… Miranda, Jason, Sean (My Boy) and wife Nicole and their sons… Kaiden, Kameron, and Kyler… The Green clan. Love Ya’ll!

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